Easytox is a robust and scalable cloud based Toxicology Lab Reporting Software designed & developed for Toxicology Labs & Pain Clinics.

EasyTox allows labs to choose from multiple report formats with graphical content. The reports include the panels ordered, metabolites screened, cutoff values, initial screening results, confirmatory results, interpretations.


100% web based

Easytox is completely web based Toxicology software. As a Easytox customer you choose to host it on your servers or use our cloud hosted version.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Easytox cloud-based software is HIPAA compliant, meeting government security standards for data transmission and storage. We realize that data security is not a one-time certification, it’s an ongoing duty that requires our IT experts to diligently work to stay ahead of potential threats. We think about your data security constantly, so you don’t have to.

Interface Capabilities

Easytox can connect with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, Billing Systems and Lab Instruments directly to minimize data entry errors


Every aspect of Easytox is customizable based on your lab needs. From choosing your own custom report templates to setting up your own libraries/macros and defining testing profiles, we have it all covered.

Provider Portal

Easytox is a complete end to end Lab software solution. Easytox has in-built/integrated provider portal allowing your clients to submit & track online lab orders and receive results via the integrated internet web portal.

Specimen Tracking

Easytox has an integrated specimen tracking system enabling your lab to track all your specimens with a click of a mouse

Client or Lab Specific Custom Drug Panels

We understand every lab is different and developer our Toxicology lab software to allow labs to setup your own Custom Compounds, Drug Panels and Test Profiles.

Intuitive & Easy to learn

Easytox was developed with end users in mind. The software is very intuitive and easy to learn allowing you to focus more on your lab operations rather than spending time to learn the software.

Compound Groups & Custom Test Groups

Create your own Compound Groups or Test Groups depending on the Tests you perform at your lab. We also give you the ability to import existing data into our system.

Rule based order entry & result reporting

Easytox automation and rules engine makes setting up rule based order entry and result reporting as simple as click of mouse

Patient History Search

Easytox lab software tracks all your patients history and allows end users and pathologists to quickly access past patient reports with click of a mouse while still working on current case.

Elegant & Custom Designed Reports

In addition to the multitude of pre-built Reporting templates available in the software, we also allow customers to design their own reporting templates. We can customize the report as per your Lab specifications

Integrated System with Inbuilt capabilities

Easytox makes integration very simple. Our secure webservices architecture makes it easy to integrate with any EMR, Billing software andInstruments. We support all standard integration technologies which include HL7, ASTM, Webservices, FHIR.

Batch Printing Capabilities

Our Integrated batch printing modules makes it easy for Large Labs to schedule reporting printing based on selected rules.

Audit Logs & Role Based access

Role based access to make sure only the right people have access to the right data and complete audit logs for every action performed on the system ensures HIPAA compliance and makes the system secure for our customers.

Automated Results via Device Interfaces

Our MDController modules allows customers to directly read data from lab instruments avoiding the manual data entry process which is error prone. Easytox customers can connect with any 2 devices of their choice at no extra cost.

Data Import

Our Inbuilt tools allow labs to easily import data from your existing lab software systems or excel sheets into easytox. Our professional tech team can help customers with this migration as well.

Reference laboratory interfaces

Easytox Toxicology Lab software has the inbuilt capability for reference labs that accept specimens from outside labs and for labs that use reference labs and send specimens out. Our software has capabilities to cater to both types of labs.

Mobility & IPad Apps

Our mobile IPAD application which are under development will enable you to work on your reports while on the go.

Sample Easytox Reports

Choose EasyTox for multiple report formats with graphical content. The reports include the panels ordered, metabolites screened, cutoff values, initial screening results, confirmatory results, interpretations.

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