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100% web based

Easytox is completely web based Toxicology software. As a Easytox customer you choose to host it on your servers or use our cloud hosted version.

Secure & HIPAA Compliant

Easytox cloud-based software is HIPAA compliant, meeting government security standards for data transmission and storage. We realize that data security is not a one-time certification, it’s an ongoing duty that requires our IT experts to diligently work to stay ahead of potential threats. We think about your data security constantly, so you don’t have to.

Interface Capabilities

Easytox can connect with your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, Billing Systems and Lab Instruments directly to minimize data entry errors


Every aspect of Easytox is customizable based on your lab needs. From choosing your own custom report templates to setting up your own libraries/macros and defining testing profiles, we have it all covered.

Provider Portal

Easytox is a complete end to end Lab software solution. Easytox has in-built/integrated provider portal allowing your clients to submit & track online lab orders and receive results via the integrated internet web portal.

Specimen Tracking

Easytox has an integrated specimen tracking system enabling your lab to track all your specimens with a click of a mouse

Sample Easytox Reports

Choose EasyTox for multiple report formats with graphical content. The reports include the panels ordered, metabolites screened, cutoff values, initial screening results, confirmatory results, interpretations.

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